Victory Multisport and Trust the Plan Coaching (TTPC) are proud to announce their strategic partnership to leverage the strengths of two great organizations to benefit all athletes. This partnership will tap into a common pool of resources and additional services for athletes to build custom, performance enhancing journeys on their way to athletic success.

Victory and TTPC are excited for the future of this partnership and collaboration. With the combined resources and services of both organizations, athletes will have access to the best possible training and coaching to help them reach their highest potential.


Nutritional Supplements

Pat at Project #1

Project#1™️ Nutrition has set a new standard with powerful and high-quality formulas, scientifically created to deliver max potency results* to fuel your fitness performance.

We are a simple brand, unlike any other you know, we are nothing fancy. That's true. We all know that. But on the other hand, we give our maximum potential and dedication entirely to our formulation process with honesty, potency, and attention to detail. It's not just any formula like the other brands you see in the market these days. We always let the consumer know what is in its products. What we put in our bottles is what you see on the packaging. We don't cut corners or skimp on quality ingredients to save money.

That's it. It's how we live.

Performance Testing

Jeff Nelson

Victory Athletic Performance

Featuring PNOĒ technology, the first integrative health optimization program addressing cardio-metabolic levels through breath analysis. PNOĒ's program brings a revolution in value-based care by combining hospital-grade diagnosis for heart, lung, and metabolic disease, with hyper-personalized nutrition and exercise programming tailored to your metabolism and health.  

PNOĒ's diagnostic capabilities and personalized programming are powered by the PNOĒ cardio-metabolic analyzer, the breath analysis device that democratized the power of cardio-metabolic analysis. For 100+ years breath-based cardio-metabolic analysis has been the gold standard in assessing heart, lung, and metabolic fitness as well as nutrition and exercise programming.

PNOĒ has delivered the benefits of cardio-metabolic analysis to 40k+ individuals from world champions to everyday people and is currently a world leader in nutrition, and exercise programming.    For more information contact

Strength & Conditioning

Hayden Gerhart, Ph.D.

Hill Pursuit is more than your average health and fitness platform. We share a common passion for Faith, Family, and Fitness. As two imperfect friends, we know there are bumps in the road, and we hope by pursuing greatness in these three areas, we can share our experiences to help you become more prepared for the battleground of life. At Hill Pursuit, we look at “climbing the hill” as a privilege; a rare and unique mentality to constantly improve daily. We prepare ourselves for the battle of life through personal experience and evidence-based programming so that we can master any task at hand, ranging from endurance sports, Olympic and powerlifting, and hunting in the backwoods.

Join us, and pursue the climb.

Fuel & Recovery

The Feed

Victory Multisport and Trust The Plan Coaching are proud to announce their new Fuel & Recovery partner, THE FEED. The Feed is an online Fuel & Recovery Marketplace created by athletes like you. They understand the impact of smarter eating on training and recovery, and believe that improving your fueling is one of the quickest ways to enhance performance.

At The Feed, you will find a wide range of products from over 250+ brands, all dedicated to human performance. With fast and free shipping, you can conveniently access sports fuel, hydration, and recovery gear, all under one virtual roof.

But that's not all! The Feed goes above and beyond by offering free live coaches who can answer all your nutrition questions. They have created a community where athletes like those from Victory Multisport/TTPC can enjoy exclusive access to a club, gaining even more benefits.

Here's how it works: Sign-up at and receive $80 in annual credit. You'll get $20 upfront and an additional $20 every 90 days. This credit can be used just like cash. As a Victory Multisport/TTPC athlete or friend, all of this is absolutely FREE! 

Choose from 300+ nutrition brands like Maurten, Skratch, Precision Fuel & Hydration, Science in Sport, and more. Experiment with single servings to try new flavors, products, and explore performance supplements and recovery gear from brands like Therabody, Hyperice, Roll Recovery, and many others.

So don't wait any longer! Sign-up today and start fueling and recovering smarter.

Physical Therapy

Jennifer Gerland PT, DPT

Running and Endurance Athlete Specialist:

Specializes in treating running related injuries, overuse injuries, and post-operative rehabilitation

Functional performance training: for non-injured athletes looking to improve efficiency 

Jennifer Gerland is originally from Long Island, NY where she began her love for running. She started running with her mom and sister when she was 8 years old and had the bug ever since. Jennifer moved to Pittsburgh, PA to attend college at Duquesne University where she ran D1 cross country and track. Graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2021, Jennifer has been working towards creating an environment for runners and endurance athletes to receive individualized and sport specific high quality care. She works at Drayer Physical Therapy in Washington, PA where she treats runners, athletes of various sports, and other general orthopedic injuries. She also uses gait analysis for sports performance training to improve running mechanics, and work on improving strength, power, and speed to increase efficiency.


Kenny Rogers

Guided Nutrition

Nutrition is a key component that clients often find difficult. Guided nutrition is offered to help lead you in the right direction.

Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Sessions

Committing can be tough, so virtual, in-person, and hybrid personal training sessions are offered. If personal training in the Silicon Valley is a little too far, you'll be able to get in shape virtually.