Are you thinking about joining Victory to help you reach your fitness or athletic goals? If so, you probably have some questions about what to expect and how to get the most out of working with a coach. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about hiring a multisport coach. 

What are the benefits of having
a multisport coach?


Hiring a multisport coach can provide structure, motivation and accountability that many athletes struggle to find when working on their own. For athletes who are feeling stuck or demotivated, having a coach can help them hone in on their goals and get back to where they need to be. By providing structure and an outside perspective, your coach will be able to challenge your current practices for the better and give you honest feedback about your performance. With an accountability partner by your side, you'll surely feel more motivated than ever before! Multisport coaches are perfect for any athlete looking to improve their game and maximize their potential.

How can Victory help me
improve my performance?


A certified multisport coach can help you make dramatic improvements in your performance by assessing existing knowledge, attitude and abilities, evaluating the current athletic foundation and designing a custom plan to guide the way forward. Through their knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition science, the coach can recommend a training program tailored to your individual needs. This will encompass key elements such as endurance building and strength conditioning, along with advice on proper nutrition that compliments your unique physiology. With regular evaluations of progress and continuous guidance from the coach, you will be confident in honing your techniques for improved performance.

What is the difference between Victory Multisport and a Triathlon Club?


Victory Multisport provides each athlete with personalized coaching and plans tailored specifically for them, which is ideal for those hoping to reach specific performance goals. Being part of Victory provides a community connection like a club, offering diverse support from a community of athletes with common goals. Whether you’re just getting started or training for an Ironman, Victory fosters a positive environment conducive to both competition and camaraderie. No matter what your goal is or which kind of community you’re seeking, there is something available to suit your needs.

How can a coach help with goal
setting and planning?


A coach can be invaluable when it comes to setting and planning realistic goals, as they have experience racing and can therefore provide personalized strategies. Our coaches work with the athlete to analyze their abilities, help identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine which goals best fit the individual's particular ability level. Through the process of goal setting, a coach will also develop a plan that is tailored to the athlete's specific needs in order to increase their chance of success. The end result is an effective way for athletes to stay motivated as well as reach their goal more efficiently.

How can a coach help
with motivation?


A coach plays an important role in motivating their team or individual athlete. The listening skills of a good coach can help to encourage the growth of their athlete and enable them to explore and identify underlying issues that are impeding their progress. While respect will always always be extended, coaches use tough love; uncompromising principles which will induce resilience, grit and ultimately success. By providing an external focus on set goals and periodic check-in's, coaches can keep performers on track and accountable for reaching their desired outcome. In conclusion, a coach provides the guidance, tools and direction needed for motivation to succeed.

Will I be matched with a specific
coach that is right for me?


Finding the right multisport coach can feel like a daunting journey, but everyone, from beginning to experienced athletes, can benefit tremendously by finding a coach that understands their goals and is willing to invest in them as an athlete. To best assess whether a multisport coach is suitable for you, it's important to look at the scope of topics they cover with experience and success, their commitment to you as an athlete and your personal needs, and how their coaching style can best help you reach your desired goals. Picking the right multisport coach is instrumental in helping everyone become better versions of themselves through sport.

What types of coaches are
available in Victory?


Multisport coaches can help athletes of different skill levels improve their running, swimming, and biking performance. We have Ironman U Certified and USAT Certified Coaches that work with our triathlon athletes.  Additionally, we have coaches that specialize in running, strength & conditioning, nutrition, swimming, and bike fitting; providing the ability to have a team of coaches in your corner to help you achieve your potential.  

Some athletes may also look to specialize in a longer distance activity such as an Ironman. Our triathlon coaches are seasoned athletes themselves, well-versed in what it takes to train and compete in both full distance and half distance Ironman races. 

With the help of experienced multisport coaches, amateur athletes can take their performances to greater heights while seriously competitive athletes can reach world-class levels with enough dedication!

How much does joining
Victory cost?


Joining Victory can be an investment that is tailored to any budget. Depending on the number of sessions and levels desired, multiple options are available. Those just beginning in a new sport may want to start small by committing to a Level I package, while more experienced athletes who want more insight have the option bump up to Level II or Level III memberships. For those looking for an initial commitment with the potential to upgrade later, smaller packages are available that offer flexibility and affordability. 

How can I get started with
Victory Multisport?


If you're looking for a multisport environment that will get you on your way to that finish line, contact us at Victory Multisport! 

Our experienced coaches work with athletes of all levels from beginner to advanced and have a dedicated passion for helping you reach your goals.  

Check out your options for levels or reach out to us on our contact form.  We will contact you for a free assessment and review your strengths and weaknesses so that you can get the most out of your training sessions. 

We look forward to connecting with you soon!